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2018 Championship - Team Trail

2018 Angler Nation Team Trail CHAMPIONS 
2 day total $25.41

Brandon Ackerson - Bill Gaddis Hoist the Crown !!

Fort Gibson was not kind. It was not even a little mean.. It was down right RUGLY, that is OKIE for REAL UGLY. We saw a lot of 1 fish bags come to the scales, but Brandon Ackerson and Bill Gaddis hung on to a  15.45 day 1 lead and followed it up on day 2 with a solid 9.96 for a two day total of 25.41. They take home $3200.00 plus the $420.00 side pot coin.. 

Day 1 Big fish went to Team 141 Pratt / Wilhelm weighing 5.80. That will get them $500 tomorrow for sure.. 

Day 2 Big fish went to Tim Shuck and Gary Whitley topping the scales at 4.54 landing a check for $500.00

Lowest two day total of 1.48 went to father and son team Mike and Derrick Jones for a payday of $300.00


There is so much more to say, but for now its to the house for some rest and  a follow up call to the champs and see how they caught them.. 

Check out the results below and stay tuned for 2019 Schedule



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Membership and tournament Information

  • GUARANTEED $1000 FIRST PLACE  - Each team trail event this year will be GUARANTEED a first place payout of $1000.00 
  • Membership: $60 per angler
  • Tournament Fees: $100 per boat
  • Payback: See payout schedule
  • Must fish 4 to qualify for the Championship
  • TOP 5 finishes will be used to calculate the AOY


  • Team | Bass  - Path To The Classic. Finish highest in the points and you will be qualified to fish the BASS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP with a chance to fish your way to the Bassmaster Classic. Ryan Butler clinched the final Bassmaster Classic spot for the 2017 season, and will be headed to Lake Hartwell March 16-18 with the chance of a lifetime.
    More details to come during our meet and greet in February
  • Skeeter Real Money - brought to you by Blackbeard Marine - Win up to $3000.00 fishing in your Skeeter Boat during each of the events in 2018 - details here
  • Pelican - will once again be a premier sponsor for the 2017 season. We all have come to know their brand as the most durable brand to protect anything you own. When you cant afford to lose it, put it in a Pelican. Backed by the lifetime, "You break it - We replace it"  warranty they match up well with our brand of fishing.
  • Lowrance - will once again be a premier partner  for 2018 - FIND | NAVIGATE | DOMINATE
  • LTW CASH - What a deal.. Had a hard day on the water - no worries. Though another round of generous donations from an original member of the club we are proud to offer the Lowest Total Weight (LTW) payout. Bring the lowest total weight above zero with legal fish to the scales and get paid $200.00. Several teams put this money in their pocket last year and it was extremely popular.

We have been hard at work putting our schedule together and working with our sponsors to bring you another successful season in 2018. The final schedule has been released and we have confirmed all the dates.

Going into our 6th season we wanted to make it bigger and better for everyone that participates. We are proud to announce:

There is much more that we can reveal in the coming days as we prepare for 2018. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we work to make this the fastest growing team trail in Oklahoma.

The full schedule can be seen here.. Schedule 

Last Modified: Jan 31, 2018

Bass Team Trail Details

Will be one more benefit of fishing the Angler Nation in 2018.

This means that for $60 per man membership and $100 entry fees we will qualify teams to fish the BASS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP on a lake to be announced later in the year.

Here is how it works.

  1.  Fish the #AnglerNationTeamTrail , and we will qualify 1 team every 25 teams based on the AOY standings for the Bass Team championship.
  2.  Fish the Bass Team Championship. the top 3 teams ( 6 anglers) will fish-off for the one spot in the 2019 Bassmaster Classic.


Some things to note:

  1.  You must fish with a team member in our local trail.
  2.  You are required to pay a $10 Bass Team Trail membership which we will include as part of your $60 membership. this will give you a subscription to the Bass Times Magazine for a full year.
  3. Qualifying teams will be responsible for all costs associated with fishing the BTC. 
  4.  If for some reason you cannot attend the Bass Team Championship we will invite the next team on the list..

If you have any questions just let us know and one of our staff will help to get it answered... 


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Last Modified by Joe Davis on Apr 23, 2018